About me

I live in Kentucky now, though I've lived in various other places in the eastern half of the United States growing up. Had a typical upbringing as a youth - played American football, basketball and baseball. Still learning THIS game, honestly. I found the blog when I realized that I wasn't getting enough news between matches, and really liked reading the comments. Thanks Ray, Safe, Lids, GoatyGav, HH, BSB, Johnsey, Dawad (for the images) - and others! - for many an entertaining post.

How I came to support West Ham

Friends with a Gooner, who got me to watch the Prem on television. I've seen the Hammers play a handful of times since promotion under Big Sam and decided early on, much to my friend's confusion, that the Hammers were the team for me.

My best West Ham memory

Away win, first game of the season - Arsenal 0-2 West Ham - and finishing 7th in 2015/2016

Best Player of the Last 50 Years
Mark Noble