About me

Like football, love WHUFC
An insular, introverted, psychobabbling, middle-aged, ex-footballer with a penchant for provoking . Oh, & I like red wine !

How I came to support West Ham

My father worked in London as a young man & caught the Upton Pk bug, brought it back to Ireland & passed it on to me. I used to make at least 2 / 3 home games every season but less now due to my teenage children's devotion to my wallet.

My best West Ham memory

Liam Brady scoring a scorcher in about 1990, last game of the season, a promotion year, an Irish legend & I was there to see his last game ever.

The best West Ham game I’ve ever seen

My 1st one, as a stary-eyed 6 year old. A 1-1 draw with Leicester, Pop Robson scored.

Best Player of the Last 50 Years
Trevor Brooking
Top 11 of the Last Fifty Years
  • 1
    Phil Parkes
  • 2
    Julian Dicks
    Left back
  • 3
    Ray Stewart
    Right back
  • 4
    Billy Bonds
    Central Defender
  • 5
    Bobby Moore
    Central Defender
  • 6
    Alan Devonshire
  • 7
    Joe Cole
  • 8
    Scott Parker
  • 9
    Trevor Brooking
  • 10
    Dean Ashton
  • 11
    Paolo Di Canio