Match Report

I had serious digestive problems on Saturday evening after I began to eat my hat following the Chelsea game.

I had sat down to watch the game with zero expectations. There was no way we were going to beat a young Chelsea side invigorated by Frank Lambard. I went into a zombie state to try to prevent the psychological trauma which follows a West Ham defeat.

As the game progressed, I thought I had entered an alternate universe. There was no way in the world that a side could turn around its performance in a week. Then came the beautiful goal and I was so dazed, I couldn’t perform my usual routine of jumping up and down and then running round the room. I had been rendered impotent by the recent performances and my only physical reaction was for my mouth to drop open.

It is impossible to analyse what has happened. It may have been the change of goalkeeper. You could see after the game how much respect the players have for David Martin. Perhaps they had decided they would give a little extra for him. Or it may have been the inspiration brought to the game by Antonio, who shows maximum effort and commitment. I am sure he spent the rest of the weekend in bed recovering.

It would be churlish to make any criticisms at all. However, there are a few points to make. Felipe Anderson is badly out of form and seems to be suffering from a lack of confidence. Pablo Fornals is making progress, but still not up to the expectations we had for him. And I believe Declan Rice is back to his top form.

We have still got to realise that Haller is used to playing a system with two up front and that is the way we have to play if we are to get him up ton standard.

Also, when Masuaku came on, he played in mid field and I believe we should try this more often

So, Pellegrini has been given the kiss if life and should survive to the end of the season.

One amusing note was that my grandson emailed me, before the game, to say that he blamed the owners, who had made their fortune by bribing women. That is a great insight from a ten year old. That’s what pornography is about – bribing young women to perform acts you would be ashamed for your daughter or sister to perform.

The Wolves game is on Amazon Prime, so that will save having to watch the pizza of death, when trying to stream a game.