I came across a nice little breakdown of the combined TV money, commercial revenue and prize money that each team in the Premier League received last season and it makes for interesting reading.

Each team secured a guaranteed £34.3m equal share of the TV money then on top of that they receive a facility fee which depends on how many of your games are shown on TV, in 2018/19 West Ham were shown on TV 16 occasions so received a facility fee of £18.9m accordingly. Then depending on your final league position you then get a merit payment which is about £2m per league place so we received a further £21.1m for finishing 10th in the league and then every team receives £4.9m from commercial revenues.

International TV money this season was a fairly hefty £43m which is split equally between every team BUT that will change next season after the top six clubs won their battle to earn a greater share of that revenue. They argue that because they have more fans abroad, they are entitled to a greater share of the money made from foreign territories so the gulf between the top 6 and the rest will continue to grow as the Premier League granted their wish. I’m not sure many people are aware of this bizarre decision so feel free to have a rant below.

In total West Ham received £122,528,663 for the 2018/19 season placing West Ham 10th place in terms of money received which seems fair as we did finish 10th in the table and all of the Premier League teams combined received just shy of £2.5 billion between them with bottom placed Huddersfield still raking in £96.6m which is staggering considering Juventus, the Serie A champions only earned £102 million according to an analysis from the football finance blog Swiss Ramble.